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family-Travel-Ideas-on-a-BudgetWant to travel with your family without spending a ton of money? Check out these travel tips! 

There are tons of places to see and things to do when you travel with your family this summer. We here at The List will tell you where to look, what to look for and how to make sure you get way more than what you are paying for.

Top 5 Travel Tips for Summer Vacations on a Budget

1. Think About Road Tripping

Oftentimes, the most expensive element of any vacation is the cost of airline tickets. When you have two people traveling, it's not bad. But, when you have three, four, five or more, it can really add up. You'd be surprised what you can find close to your hometown that's worth seeing. And, aside from videos and MP3s that can keep the backseat passengers busy, there are songs and games to be played. When the kids fall asleep, there’s alone time for any parents in the car.

2. Be Flexible

Research a few destinations to find the best deal. It’s also wise and ideal to be able to consider traveling on different days. Often weekday tickets are less expensive than those over the weekend, as are hotel room prices. Keep your options open to find the best price. In addition, traveling to places during their fall or winter season opposed to spring or summer can be much cheaper. Even though you might have to bundle up, it will still be tons of fun. 

3. Consider Last-Minute Plans

If you are the type who doesn’t mind waiting to book, you will definitely score some deals. There are tons of websites devoted to last-minute travel and are basically consolidators for airlines, hotels, cruises and tours. They have deals for the same trips that when booked in advance are much more expensive. What's better than living in the wild side, right?

4. Look for Package Deals

Many hotels, airlines and attractions have deals that pay off when booked as a package. Typically, there are budget to five-star packages to choose from in many different hot spots. Booking something as a package can cut costs tremendously! Up front it might seem like a lot of money, but in the long run it's totally worth every penny.

5. Consider Off-Season Spots

For instance, certain ski destinations are at their priciest when snow is on the ground but are equally fabulous and packed with stuff to do like white water rafting, hiking and horseback riding in the summer months. Plus, since they are best known to travelers during the winter season, prices are not as inflated in their off months.

Keep your options open and do your research, then stash the money you save into a till for next year’s vacay! For more on parenting and family budget ideas, check out poshmom.com.

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