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family-vacation-planning-guide-TOPWe've got a list of the top vacations for families to visit before the kids grow older.

The best memories are made during family vacations. Whether a vacation is needed as a break from the daily routine, because work is raising your stress levels, or simply because want to create a memorable experience for your kids, planning a family vacation can enhance every family member’s relationship with one another.

Having the time to make a vacation planning guide is usually a factor that seems the least appealing when planning a vacation. To help, we've compiled a list of the top three vacations for families.

Top 3 Vacations for Families

1. Legoland California

Not only does San Diego have one of the best zoos in the nation, but there are at least 60 miles of coastline to walk in the sand every sunset too. Seaworld is also near Legoland, but most of your adventure can take place inside Legoland because of the abundance of 50 amusement rides. If that isn’t enough incentive, there is also an American Surf Academy for little ones to go back home and tell all their friends they went surfing.

2. Disney Parks & Resorts

Disney offers extra amenities to families who also stay in their resorts: longer hours in the park, earlier access to parks before gates open, themed swimming pools, free airport shuttle (round-trip), and even special access to other parks that normally cost extra. This is a safe bet when it comes to vacations the whole family will enjoy!

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3. Hershey’s Chocolate World

Located in Pennsylvania, this amusement park will require a full day. There are over 60 amusement rides and they even have a chocolate garden. Adults are even lured in to the spa facility located in the country club nearby.

Family Planning Guide

  • Visit the location’s website and watch videos on what the attraction has to offer ahead of time. The greatest part of technology these days is being able to take a quick virtual tour through someone else’s lens before wasting vacation time to explore it blindly.
  • Many attractions have budget calculators on their website to give you a rough calculation of whether or not the trip might be in your budget. Printing out the sheet and taking it with you on the trip will help keep you focused on how much you are spending while on the trip. This will also help control your souvenir-buying temptation.
  • Find out the rates to check-in and check-out of hotels. Just like airlines, hotels have cheaper days to stay, and sometimes better rates if you stay the whole week.

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