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Magic mirror on the wall, who takes the best selfie of them all? Italian artist Simona Bonafini has brought Disney characters to the modern age in her series "Selfie Fables" that imagines what would happen if our favorite heroes and villains had access to Instagram. 

The Evil Queen

The Evil Queen

Sorry Evil Queen, but no one ever believes your #NoFilter selfie. We love Snow's photobomb! #NoLongerTheFairestOneOfAll

Alice in Wonderland


Try not to get Instagram envy when scrolling through Alice’s profile. Her photos of whimsical tea parties will make you wish you fell down the rabbit hole too.

Wendy Darling and company... plus Peter Pan!


Trying to get a picture without Peter Pan photobombing may be an impossible task... but it does help that LIKE count, so no worries right?

The Little Mermaid


Prepare your Instagram for a bombardment of bikini and beach selfies from the little mermaid herself. Word has it that Ariel is visiting Ursula to trade her voice for more Instagram followers.

Photo Credit: Simona Bonafini

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