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fans-shocked-by-usa-vs-portugal-gameJaws dropped within the last few minutes of the USA/Portugal 2014 World Cup game.

Last minute goals were kicked during the USA's second 2014 World Cup game, but this time the tables were turned. Within the last few minutes Portugal shot a goal that brought the game to a 2-2 final score, leaving Portugal in the tournament and USA stagnant until game three this Thursday. Our jaws are still on the floor after that game!

There seem to be a lot of nail-biting moments in this year's World Cup, particularly during the USA games. After a stunning win against Ghana for game one, USA went into game two with their heads held up high, only to be shot down by Portugal after scoring a goal five minutes into the first half. 

USA's Tim Howard kicked into high gear after that, having some pretty incredible saves. The rest of the team was not far behind once the second half rolled around, bringing in two goals. Poor Cristiano Ronaldo (one of our international World Cup hotties) seemed to be having a tough night after that. It was all saved, however, once a goal was shot by Portugal with only seconds left, leaving it at a 2-2 tie.



What Does This Mean For USA?

If USA were to win this match, that would have meant they automatically move onto the next round (Round 16), while Portugal would have been eliminated. However, thanks to the tie, things just got a bit more complicated. USA is set to play Germany on Thursday, June 26 at 11 a.m, and the results of the game and Portugal's next game will determine team USA's fate.

If USA wins against Germany, they move onto the next round.

If USA ties against Germany, they both move onto the next round.

If USA loses to Germany, then the fate of the team lies with the Portugal vs Ghana game, which is scheduled at the same time as the USA vs. Germany game. The tie breaker is based on total goals scored. USA currently has 4, while Portugal has 2. If Portugal has more goals, then USA gets the boot.

If you want live coverage of the USA game on Thursday, follow Womensforum on Twitter for the latest!

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