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Photo Credit: Huffington Post

The power of a petition wasn't enough to remove Justin Bieber from the United States, but fans in the UK are hoping it will be enough to remove Kanye West as a headliner from the Glastonbury Festival.

For those unfamiliar, Glastonbury Festival is a popular three-day summer music festival in the UK and it was recently revealed that West will be headlining Saturday night. 

This didn't sit well with one fan of the festival, Neil Lonsdale.  Lonsdale took to the web and started a petition to remove West from the lineup, because as he puts it, West is a "egotistical, maniacal, disgrace."

Lonsdale says West is an insult to music fans world wide. He also said that people spend hundreds of pounds to attend the music festival and West just does not meet that level of entertainment that is expected.

Here's the crazier part- the petition is just shy of 127,000 signatures from people who support the removal of West. That is 127,000 people in the UK who really don't want West at Glastonbury Festival. It's also 53,000 more than the petition's original goal of 75,000 and only 23,000 shy of its new goal of 150,000 signatures.

Despite the massive amount of support for the petition, it looks like West will still be taking the stage, as festival promoters addressed the controversy in an editorial that ran in The Guardian.

"I've seen people this week saying that Kanye shouldn't appear because, in their opinion, he's not a positive role model or because they think he's too self-assured. We book our acts by choosing the best and most challenging musicians on the planet – not by applying some kind of arbitrary morality test," Emily Eavis wrote. "It's important to point out that the signatories of the petition are not limited to ticket holders. From what we can see, an awful lot of them aren't even from the UK. Even the originator of the petition admits that he has never actually been to the festival."

West has yet to respond to the petition.

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