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  • An iconic landmark of New York City is officially closing as of July 15 – FAO Schwarz. After years of residing in the heart of Manhattan, the Fifth Avenue toy mecca closed its doors for good. Although the flagship store has halted service on Fifth Avenue, other locations of the children’s paradise still remain in Chicago with talks of the shop re-opening near Times Square.

    We’re looking back at the times this very special FAO spot in nYC was featured in television and films – particularly in mind are scenes played atop the notable floor piano!

    We’re looking back at the times FAO was featured in television and films – particularly in mind are scenes played atop the notable floor piano.

  • Big


    You already know the scene. When Tom Hanks was practically just a baby himself, he and Robert Loggia vigorously danced “Heart & Soul” and “Chopsticks” across the notable floor piano – a sign that even the most accomplished of adults are prone to acting like kids.

    Photo Credit: Gracie Films

  • Mighty Aphrodite

    Mighty Aphrodite

    Woody Allen’s 1995 film featured the NY legend as a host location for the cast of the romantic comedy which won Mira Sorvino an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

    Photo Credit: Magnolia Pictures

  • Baby Boom

    Baby Boom

    Back in 1987 when Diane Keaton was cast as a fierce business woman trying to juggle her family life in NYC, FAO Schwarz served as a landmark location in the film where Manhattanites spent their Saturdays. The somehow relaxing setting of a multi-level toy company was the backdrop for Keaton’s hectic schedule.

  • Big Business

    Big Business

    Here’s a throwback! Lily Tomlin and Bette Midler were avid goers of the toy store back in 1988 in their hilariously funny comedy farce, Big Business. After a whirlwind trip to get there, the two women arrive in NYC after an interesting journey in the countryside. Both women, who had welcomed children in the film, trekked through the shelves of FAO Schwarz just trying to fit in with the city folk.

    Photo Credit: Touchstone Pictures

  • The Smurfs

    The Smurfs

    Most recently (and probably the last), the 2011 The Smurfs film showed children of the millennium just how significant FAO Schwarz is to New York and pop culture in general. In fact, the store was featured in the original trailer of the film – clad with kiddies and old school toys.

    Photo Credit: Sony Pictures

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