Keys to Finding Fashion Lingerie for Mom

My idea of sexy lingerie for mom is something comfortable and reasonably priced. Trying to keep things spicy in the bedroom with a new little one can definitely be a challenge, but i think one of the most important things a man can do for his lady is to make her feel good about herself and then her sexy side comes out. I cannot say enough about comfort! For the first few months we slept with baby in the room, and getting up and nursing in the middle of the night, i wanted nothing constricting or tight to wear to bed. Especially in the first few weeks, when you are healing.

I think one of the best presents you can get for new moms is a nice, loose pair of flannel pajamas! Especially at Christmas time, I always love gifts that i can, and will, actually use! What better than some soft cotton pajamas , like a scoop neck long sleeve shirt and a comfy pair of yoga pants ? They can be really forgiving on a woman's figure and just make you feel good when you slip on the cool, cozy material .

Mama's Christmas Undies Wishlist Made Simple

If a husband/boyfriend really has his sights set on getting an underwear present for mom, I personally love boy shorts/undies. A nice soft cotton pair of undies really goes a long way to cover up areas that we want covered up! Personally, i go with darker colors as it's a trick to the eye that they're more slimming and may sound simple but this is perfect for sexy lingerie for mom. Hipster panties ride low on your hips and just motivate me to want to get back into my low-rise jeans. And note to all new dads out there, please, please don't buy new mom a thong! Not yet! Give her about a year to feel good about her shape, then I might consider it.

The whole intention of sexy underwear for after childbirth is for a woman to feel beautiful in it. Now one thing I hinted at for my husband to get me was some slimming wear for my postpartum body. Using some smoothing briefs or a nice, comfortable girdle really made a difference in how i felt wearing a dress for New Years. I just made sure that they were tight enough to feel like my belly was under control, yet not too tight I couldn't enjoy some snacks and drinks at the party mind you. Now if your man isn't the type to even begin to know what size or color or shape you like, then I say you tell him you just want that gift certificate to go and get what you want for postpartum lingerie. What's fun about that is, you can buy what you like, come home, and model it for him!


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