cecilie-celfie-headerDress up different styles of common t-shirts with these tips.

A versatile staple item in all of our wardrobes, the t-shirt is a perfect garment to have that you can just throw on with a pair of jeans, tuck into a leather skirt, or even wear oversized with leggings. A big trend now, buying tees from your favorite labels and high-end designers are easier to find and won’t take too much out of your pocket. They come in many colors in stylish silhouettes with chic images or writing. Here’s how to get on the fashion t-shirt wagon and how to rock it today, tomorrow, or every day.

The Fitted Tee

Perfect for those precious tucking-in moments, wear a fitted tee with your favorite skirts, high-waisted shorts, or wide-legged trousers.


The Loose Teececilie-blue-outfit-tee-style

For the comfy-casual gals, pair the loose tee with fitted shorts or skinny denim so that you have a balance of fitted and loose. You can also throw on a leather jacket an scarf to add more style to the causal look.

The Writing Tee

Extremely popular now, the writing tee will have your favorite sayings, quotes, phrases, or even lyrics from your favorite songs on them. They are “très chic” and are a great conversation starter. Pair it with a blazer to make it chicer, if that’s even possible at this point.

The Graphic Tee

Flowers, hearts, animals, or celebrities, the graphic tee will get you noticed in a heartbeat. They can be fun, sassy, and come in different silhouettes. Just make sure to study up on the band on the shirt that you buy so that you can impress the cute guy that tells you he loves the Rolling Stones too.

The Oversized Tee

For an effortless and edgier look, go with the oversized tee. Pair it with leggings or tights, wrap a belt around the waist, and throw on an oversized cardigan or button down over it to give other’s eyes a sight of chic layers. Don’t forget to wear your favorite pair of booties for that extra height and extra sass in your step.

These tees are the perfect closet staple items to have for those casual nights at the bar, last minute outfit changes, or days spent in the new hip and trendy neighborhoods. There are many ways to wear fashion t-shirts, so go out and find some favorites that will have you looking fun and stylish all year long.

Photo Credit: Cecilie Davila

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