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Advanced style is most definitely a real thing, and it's amazing. While we love to see all the fabulous trends and outfits that younger women are rocking, there's something to be said for the wisdom and confidence that we acquire as we get older. 

What's more, we collectively spend so much time thinking about what we have to wear and what's appropriate or required for a given event, occasion, setting, activity, climate, or our age and status in life that we hardly focus on what we get to wear. 

After all, there are plenty of things that look somewhat silly or gaudy on a young woman, but queenly or even majestic on a grande dame. 

All Things (Faux) Fur.


A little fur trim is adorable on anyone, but it takes a certain presence to pull off a full length coat or long stole. Just look at the various female members of the aristocracy throughout history - they full length robes, capes, and more, all adorned with fur to fantastic effect. 

Piles Of Jewelry.

If a little bit of sparkle is good, a lot is better. Multiple necklaces, stacks of bangles, rings on every finger, and major statement earrings. Once you hit a certain age, you're literally never overdoing it - you're a warrior queen showing off her trophies. 

Pattern Mixing And Matching.

Love paisley, florals, plaids, polka-dots, and stripes? How about jacquards and brocades, and embroideries of all kinds? Wear everything you love at once; try keeping things in same color family for cohesiveness, and perhaps even decide on a favorite color or pattern if you really want to develop a signature advanced style. 

All Of The Embellishments. 


And we mean all of them at the same time, of course. Fringe, beading, sequins, feathers, rick-rack, unique trims and designs of all kinds make for unique ensembles that are undeniably striking. 

Ultra-Luxe Fabrics.

Velvet, cashmere, silk, satin, and everything else soft and cozy can and should be part of each and every outfit. Perhaps all the same time if your wardrobe and weather permits. 

Statement Makeup - Or Lack Thereof. 

You might not prefer the same types of makeup looks as you did in your youth, but there's no denying the impact of a bold red (or fuchsia, burgundy, or magenta) lip, or the drama of a smoky smudge of eyeliner. Or the freedom to eschew makeup all together if it was never your thing to begin with. 

Major Volume And Dramatic Silhouettes.  

You don't have anything to prove and you don't need to show off your shape or look as thin as possible in every outfit . And that's not because you don't have a killer figure or that you are worried about "problem areas", it's because you don't have anything you need to prove. Dressing to take up space as well as for comfort is perhaps something women can only truly pull in every situation once they've reached a certain age.  

Last but perhaps the most important, there is the simple fact that as many of us get older, we simply care less about what other people think! And that might be the most advanced style of all. 

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