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Fashionable Holiday Aprons

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Fashionable Holiday Aprons1When you are preparing your Holiday meals, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise fashion. Choose an apron in a strong color with trendy accents to make the kitchen your runway.

This time of year, many of us spend more time in the kitchen than usual. It is after all the time of year where we celebrate our traditions over small feasts. Spending more time in the kitchen doesn’t mean that you can’t look and feel amazing. There are many fashionable aprons for Holiday cooking that are fitted, incorporate colors nicely and include popular prints, like chevron and polka dots.  

We broke down the look of three popular apron styles to help you choose the one that will keep your clothes safe and keep you feeling beautiful. Fashion is about standing out, have fun choosing the apron that fits your personality and coordinates with your outfit to make spending time in the kitchen more enjoyable.

1. Style 1: The Santa Apron

Don’t be fooled by the fact that this apron is designed to mirror Santa; there are some very fashionable and feminine designs. These aprons are mostly all red, with a cute black belt around the waist. The belt accentuates your waist nicely so the apron is not loose flowing, it’s more fitted. Many of the Santa aprons are lined with white fur along the bust and along the bottom hem. To add to the look the bottom hem is often ruffled with the white fur lining. Red is a power color, when you wear it, add a cinched waist and a ruffled bottom and you are sure to feel amazing while preparing your feast.

2. Style 2: Black, White and Red

Another popular Holiday apron style is black, white and red, a color combination that most of us feel great wearing. Holiday aprons in these colors include black as the primary color, with white stripes or polka dots on the pockets, bust and hem. To polish off the look and add a pop of color is the red accent, which frames the striped and polka dot pieces. Many of these aprons also include bows that are striped or dotted with the red lining. When placed on the straps or pockets these bows add a stylish look to a fantastic color combination.

3. Style 3: Red and Green Chevron

Lately, the chevron print has been everywhere, on skirts, shirts, scarves, bags and now on Holiday aprons. An exceptionally trendy apron is red and green with a chevron print. This apron includes a solid color on top, often it’s red, and the skirt section of the apron is red, green and white chevron. To complete the look is a bow around the waist and green colored straps. The bow around the waist enables you to tie the apron, cinch the waist and ensure that it fits nicely. This apron takes a strong fashion trend, incorporates the Holiday’s and creates a fabulous look. This apron is one that is so trendy, you can design your outfit around it.

The Holiday’s encourage us to head in to the kitchen and create delicious meals to share with the ones we love. Have fun with your apron, there are so many festive choices, there is no reason why you shouldn’t look and feel amazing.

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