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Sponsored by Feeding America


Our social feeds are filled with images of food. Videos of people making food. Pictures of food people are eating. Stories of people going to exotic places to eat food. Food. Food. Food. 

Feeding America takes our love of seeing all things edible and turns it on its head to raise awareness of the 48 million Americans (15 million of which are children) who may not know where their next meal is coming from. To encourage people across the country to get involved in the fight to end hunger during Hunger Action Month™, and throughout the rest of the year, Feeding America created this video to help people imagine what it is like to struggle with hunger. 


Feeding America wants you to skip the food selfie and snap a picture of your empty plate and hashtag it #HungerActionMonth with the description: "On an empty stomach, I can't ____" (you fill in the blank). The challenge is to think about what we cannot achieve without adequate nutrition.

Now let's do something about the 1 in 7 people who struggle with hunger across America. There are many ways you can get involved: you can volunteer at our local Feeding America food bank, you can advocate, you can talk about hunger, and you can donate. Feeding America has a nationwide network of food banks that help provide meals to more than 46 million people. They need your help to do that. Find your local food bank and volunteer your time to help the millions of people who are in need. Click here to find your local food bank and get involved.

The Feeding America nationwide network of food banks, philanthropic and corporate partners, as well as hunger-relief supporters and advocates across the country host events, coordinate volunteers and continue to elevate the conversation around solving domestic hunger. 

Together, Feeding America and the Ad Council work on the national and award-winning Hunger Prevention campaign.

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