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friendly_womanLearning the Limits of a Female Bladder Starts Early On

It strikes when you least expect it that leaky bladder and depending upon the circumstances the effects can be devastating, embarrassing and or discouraging to a woman. We have always been aware that a woman's plumbing system is exceedingly more complex and less forgiving than a man's. Basically a girl has got to go when a girl has got to go!

Urinary Incontinence as a Unique Problem for Women

Accepting that as a fact is the first acknowledgement that must be made.

Knowing that life just plain IS unfair is the second acknowledgement.

The third step after accepting the first two "Facts of Life" is to get yourself educated on the causes and potential fixes to this universal problem.  See further articles in this section of Womens Forum.

Bladder Control issues can affect a woman at any point in her life but usually come into play in relationship to other related health issues.There are several types of bladder control problems and the first key to knowing what might be done to improve a new or ongoing urinary retention problem is to pinpoint the source or reason for any particular episode of urinary incontinence.

Most women learn about incontinence issues when they are little girls.There was always that one road trip where daddy just couldn'tbe bothered to stop for a potty break.The boys were a little stressed but for the girls in the car the result was absolutely horrible.Thank goodness for cotton panties and an understanding mom. And thank the parents for the lidded coffee can on the floor of the backseat.Little girls learn early on that they simply have limits.And hopefully, they learn to barter effectively for more frequent pit stops.

  • And as teenagers and grown women we continue to learn.We learned about the limits when trying to sit through a movie without having to get up and go.
  • We learned to hold our sneezes even when it was excrutiatingly painful to do so.
  • We learned that uncontrolled laughter can be the complete downfall of a good woman and can publically ruin a perfectly nice rayon outfit or a great date.
  • We learned about the limits of our bladder control when standing in a never ending line outside the single stall toilet at sports functions and other well attended sports and entertainment events.
  • And as young expecting mommies, (during pregnancy) we learned that the limits of our bladders got even more limited.

How can that be?Well it can when you have a baby growing in your tummy right on top of that already too squished tight in there, bladder!

Get Educated and Get Control of Urinary Incontinence

Basically, the most important step to feeling like your bladder and thus your life is well underyour control again after you've been through one or more episodes of "leaking" or "losing control" is to educate yourself on the causes and solutions for loss of bladder control.

Assess the situation.   Determine if the first line of defense will take care of the problem and if it doesn't; then seek help from the professionals. Continue reading through our Womens Forum  bladder health section to learn more.

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