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The feminist movement on social media has gained some major attention in the past year, with women joining forces for a common cause and sharing knowledge. This list of Twitter feminists should be added to your feed.

@EvrydayFeminism: This Twitter feed posts content related to everything from talking about painful sex to the legal rights of queer couples to coming out as polyamorous. By talking about taboo topics in the social media space, this Twitter feed promotes openness and raises awareness.

@crunkfeminists: By tweeting about pop-culture events that affect women, this Twitter feed allows fans of entertainment to connect and share their views about what's going on in television, movies and music.

@TheMamaFesto: As someone who is “Redefining Motherhood to Fit Reality," this Twitter feminist highlights the importance of raising children, motherhood and female equality in all walks of life. She also comments about how we can empower our children and develop them into stronger, more positive people.

@FeministaJones: By embodying the essence of feminism, @FeministaJones, shares her thoughts and experiences about what it means to be female. She tweets about everyday stuff like movies and television and shares information about current events. She also tweets about her own sexuality and being involved in the kink community.

@RaisingBoychick: By working towards a “body positive movement," @RaisingBoyChick tweets about gender-related news and statistics. She also tweets about using the term “cisgender” and “transgender” in proper context.

By raising awareness about different genders, sexual orientations and different aspects of feminism, these Twitter users are opening up about previously taboo topics and encouraging others to do the same. 

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