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While many may brush feng shui away as superstition, designers have incorporated its principles into calm and happy homes for years. While feng shui may take years to fully understand, following a few simple tips are easy to follow  and can change your entire home!

We talked to some experts to learn more on how to follow the feng shui way! For those looking to enter this world of design, it’s good to start small.

1. Declutter

Those wondering how to feng shui should look to one of the most basic decorating tips to start. Having clutter is a huge violation of feng shui, as having clutter can stress out residents and guests. The first step you should take is cleaning. It may seem like common knowledge that a calm house would be a clean house, but some don’t bother.

2. Good Air and Light Quality

Having good air and light quality are essential to “chi,” which is what good fung shui energy is known for. Keep your windows open as often as possible to let the outside air in and consider getting an air purifier. Try to let in as much natural light as possible and get adequate lights for those places that windows don’t reach enough.

3. Incorporate the Five Feng Shui Elements

This may take more research to completely understand, but first know that the elements are represented by colors. Fung shui colors are a huge part of the art. Green represents health and balancing family life. Blue supports wealth and money. Red and pink represent love. Yellow is often used in places to have happy family gatherings. White encourages creativity, so consider putting some white in your office.

4. Grow Plants

This is one of the feng shui tips that many already do. Growing indoor plants can help connect you to the natural world. Plants and flowers can be picked by color and shape to incorporate and balance the five feng shui elements as well. Silk plants can work if real plants would be too much of a hassle or if there is not enough light to grow healthy plants.

5. Sound

It’s not all about visuals when it comes to feng shui. Again, this is one of the major feng shui basics that people do on a day-to-day basis. Many play music in their house while working, cleaning or just hanging out without knowing the potential benefits. Feng shui advocates say that music can uplift the chi and many already know that playing the right music can soothe a situation. 

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