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Festive Holiday Veggie Tray VIDEO

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veggie-tree-tray-holiday-foodHere’s a fun and festive way to display your veggies this holiday.

Make the kind of veggie tray your guests will 'ooh and aah' over. This fun and festive way to display your veggies will put the Christmas tree on the table. 

Watch the video on how to make a festive holiday vegetable tray.


Holiday Veggie Tray 


  • Oval platter
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Starfruit


  1. Start by pouring all the broccoli on the platter.
  2. Arrange broccoli florets into a Christmas tree.
  3. Next, place cauliflower on snowflakes around the broccoli. 
  4. Then add the tree’s ornaments: tomatoes. Spread the tomatoes throughout the broccoli.
  5. Cut off the end of the star fruit. Cut a small piece and add it to the tree as the tree topper.

Enjoy your holiday tree of veggies!

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