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Screen Shot 2017 12 05 at 1.24.42 PM CroppedNeed some festive inspiration? Here's how to make a fun, festive, and fantastic tasting sangria for the holiday season. Maybe you've planned out your entire holiday dinner menu, but are lacking in ideas for a creative and delicious drink to go along with. Or maybe you just want a glass of sangria.

Seasonal Sangria Recipe


  • 1 green apple
  • 1 red apple
  • 4 teaspoons sugar
  • 4 rosemary sprigs
  • 4 6-oz. white grape juice
  • 4 6-oz. club soda
  • Pinot Grigio
  • Starfruit
  • Cranberries (optional)


  1. Dice apples into small squares.
  2. Add diced apples and cranberries to a glass pitcher or punch bowl.
  3. Add sugar to pitcher or bowl.
  4. Add sprigs.
  5. Add grape juice and soda.
  6. Add about 3/4 of a bottle of Pinot Grigio or enough to make you happy.
  7. Stir and chill for about an hour before guests arrive.

You can garnish a few glasses with diced red and green apples, and a couple of cranberries before you pour your tasty sangria. Leave the starfruit to float on top and have yourself a wonderful time!

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