how-your-hair-color-can-help-you-pick-out-makeup 2Can't figure out what makeup colors work for you? These tips will help solve your problem! 

If you’re anything like me, you hate buying make up. It’s not the expense that is frustrating, it’s not knowing what to buy. From color choices for lips, eyes, cheeks, foundation, eyebrows to multiple brands and price points, I find myself staring at the choices.

It seems that even when I think I like a color after brushing it on the back of my hand, I come home and realize I made the wrong choice. Even though I have a professional make up artist doing my make up several times a month, I still feel like I can’t get it right. Here are tips to find the perfect makeup for your look. 

Find The Perfect Makeup For You

A simple idea was introduced to me. The natural color of your hair lends to the palette of your skin. Skin tone helps determine what color schemes work and don’t work to brighten and enhance your features. That’s where Jill Kirsch came into my life. A simple matching of my hair color online led to a small daily kit and large full color kit that I confidently wear from lip color to eyes.

I was really surprised that the system worked. But, when the material color swatches matched so many of my favorite color choices in my closet, I started to understand the warm and cool color palettes that only make up designers recognize.

From the first application of the lipsticks to even the colors of eyeshadows, I felt comfortable with the results. I even started to branch out to the purples and greens on the deck and loved how it looked.

Finally, a make up solution that even I can understand! Check out your choices at and let me know how your colors work for you. Or, share with me on What do you do to feel beautiful?

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