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Find your perfect furniture with LikeThat


e all experience a case of furniture envy from time to time. You might find yourself at a cocktail party or hotel lobby when it strikes. All of a sudden, the perfect couch or lounge chair jumps out and grabs your attention, with no one around for you to ask what amazing brand it is. 

With a little help from LikeThat, a new app for iPhone and Android, you can get that information instantly. By simply snapping a picture of the item, you'll be sent purchasing options as well as similar pieces at a variety of price levels. 

LikeThat gives the user access to thousands of catalogs from the country's top brands all in one place. Ashley Furniture, Ethan Allen, Fab, and Pottery Barn are just a few LikeThat features. You'll be able to redecorate your entire house without ever leaving the living room! 

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