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When the chill hits the air, and we start to see our breath, the signs are clear that playtime will be heading indoors. Just because the family can't be outside, doesn't mean the fun has to stop. You can find plenty of adventure in your house! You just have to work a little harder to find it, or in some cases create it.  

Here are three great ideas to help you embrace the fun and fight off cabin fever.

1. Family Movie (And Adventure) Night

It may be too cold outside to go exploring in the woods, but that is the great thing about TV, the weather can't stop a great adventure on the small screen. Thanks to a discovery in the archives at The Jim Henson Company, there is a brand new movie on Lifetime called Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow featuring Henson's fantastic brand of creatures. The film is packed with child-size adventure and we can't wait for the premiere on Lifetime on Saturday, November 21st at 8/7c.

Watching the movie can be even more magical by making a game out of it!

17008-how-to-have-your-own-family-adventure-at-home-2Photo Credit: Richard Paris

Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow has plenty of exciting twists, adventure, singing creatures and even a mythical monster! So take all of those crazy images and create an I-Spy game that kids at any age will be able to play.

We have given you a head start by creating one for Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow. Click the picture to print the card below!


  1. A turkey
  2. Zorp
  3. A pumpkin
  4. Squonk
  5. The moon
  6. Burble
  7. Ludacris
  8. A dancing tree
  9. The Howling Hoodoo

2. Build A Living Room Fort 


When you can't go outdoors to camp, put up a tent indoors! Nothing says fun and adventure like an indoor fort. While a sheet over a few chairs can technically classify as a fort, why stop there? This is a chance to enlist the whole family in a night of fun!  

So recruit everyone to craft the best living room fort possible by using sheets, pillows, chairs, and flashlights. You can use a small fan to keep the sheets puffed out and give everyone a little bit of headroom.


The best part is if you craft one in the corner of the room, it'll become a designated hang out during the colder months where your kids can play, and adults are sometimes "allowed" to visit. If you add pillows, it'll be comfortable enough for the whole family to curl up and watch movies. Trust us, your kids will look forward to this tradition every year!

17008-how-to-have-your-own-family-adventure-at-home-43. Magazine Scavenger Hunt

Save those "trapped inside" days by getting your family in the spirit of exploration by having an indoor magazine scavenger hunt! It's less effort than hiding objects around the house, plus it's educational for the kids!

Grab a stack of old magazines or newspapers and have each family member cut out words to make a funny, short sentence. You can take different turns so everyone has more than one chance.

The person with the greatest amount of sentences gets to choose what's for dinner! Depending on how young your kids are, have a list of types of words they will need to find, like 10 actions words or 10 nouns. You can put a collection of words like "the", "a" or "and" in a pile in the center for everyone to use. The great thing about this game is it can adapt to the age of the player.

Despite some cool temps that could come your way this winter, these indoor adventures will definitely keep you occupied. It'll be spring again before you know it! But don't worry, you don't have to put away the fort. Just keep it updated for the seasons, and family fun is sure to follow. 


will premiere November 21, at 8pm ET/PT on Lifetime
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