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Friday night has always been unquestionably the absolute best time and day during the entire week. If you're lucky, Friday night means that you have no work to do, no classes to attend and no obligations besides relaxing and having fun. The general framework of a Friday night has stayed pretty much the same over the past couple decades - hang with friends, eat dinner, catch a movie etc... but how we do these things have definitely changed.

Here's how a typical Friday night in 1995 compares to one in 2015...

6:00 p.m. Make Plans

In 1995: Using your house phone, you three-way call your best friends to make plans for the night. After a few minutes of deliberation, you decide that you’ll hit up the mall food court for dinner then go see the hot new movie Clueless at the movie theater. You spend the next 45 minutes trying to coordinate outfits over the phone.

In 2015: You send out a group text that includes lat east 15 your friends to see if anyone’s down to hang out tonight. Most of them already have plans with their baes, but your besties are free and you decide to go grab dinner. You can’t decide where you want to eat so you spend the next 45 minutes reading restaurant reviews on Yelp before you give up and decide to just grab some Chipotle.

7:00 p.m. Grab Dinner

In 1995: You make it to the mall and wait in front of the Orange Julius for your friends, as it’s your usual meeting spot. Once they get there, you head towards the food court and tell yourselves that this time you won’t make an expensive detour inside Yankee Candle or Delia’s. You do anyways. When you finally make it to the food court, you head to the Auntie Anne’s counter to grab a soft pretzel for dinner. Your friends somehow nabbed one of the coveted center tables, so you spend the next hour searching for cuties in the controlled chaos of the food court. The mall is the place to see and be seen on a Friday night.

In 2015: You make it to Chipotle before your friends and sit in your car in the parking lot obsessively texting them “where r u?!?!?!?!” until they roll up. When you get inside, the line is super long and you spot far too many people you know sitting in the aluminum booths. You order your burrito (you know that the guac costs extra) and grab a seat with your pals. Before you dig in, you take a snap of your dinner, apply a filter, and then share it on Instagram, Twitter and your Snapchat story so everyone knows that you've been #blessed by moderately priced fast food.

8:00 p.m. Hit Up The Movie Theater

In 1995: It’s movie time! You get to the theater 30 minutes early, even though you checked the showtimes for Clueless in the newspaper this morning. You see a super long line at the ticket kiosk and cross your fingers the movie doesn’t get sold out. When you finally make it up there, you buy your ticket (it only costs $3) and then you practically run to your theater to make sure you get the best seats, but you still end up in the front row.

In 2015: You and your friends decide that your Chipotle food babies have rendered you useless for the rest of the night, so you decide to go see a movie. You whip out your phone to see what’s playing in the theaters near you and buy tickets for the latest superhero flick. You pick your seats out on your phone and show up to the theater exactly at show time and grab your middle of theater seat that gives you the perfect view of Chris Hemsworth's face.

10:00 p.m. Spot Your Crush

In 1995: When the movie lets out, you spot your crush loitering in the parking lot, chatting with their friends and leaning casually on their brand new Acura Integra (of course they got it in bright firetruck red). Your friends urge you to go talk to them, and you end up chatting about how both of you still aren't over the loss of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. They ask you out on a pizza date for Saturday night.

In 2015: When the movie lets out, you check your crush's Facebook and see that they've just tagged themselves at the fro-yo place down the street. You send them a selfie on snapchat saying you're right around the corner. They send you a snap back that says you should come hang out with them. You end up chatting all night and bonding over the fact you share the same favorite fro-yo flavor. They ask if you want to hang out tomorrow and watch Netflix over at their place.

11:00 p.m. Reflect On Your Awesome Night

In 1995: When you get home, you run up to you room, grab your diary from your dresser drawer and write down every detail of your amazing night. You scribble hearts around your crush's name.

In 2015: When you get home, you run up to your room, grab your laptop from your desk and write down every detail of your amazing night on your Tumblr blog. You include a ton of Gossip Girl and Glee gifs, but your post only gets 3 notes on it.

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