FIRST-DAY-OUTFITS-FOR-GUYSFinding something to wear for a first date can be so exciting- but it can also make both parties nervous!

There’s tons of information out there for chicas like myself: when to go casual, how to dazzle, heels or flats and all that jazz. But what about the fellas? As much as they try to be suave and show confidence, I’m guessing they go through almost as many outfits as us girls before deciding on the perfect one.

So no fear, guys. We’ve got you covered too. Here are a few ways to dress to impress the special lady on your first date--who knows, you might be telling your kids about this date!


Date Night Outfit Ideas For Men

  1. Shoes, shoes shoes! It might sound a little shallow but one of the first thing a girl notices is a guy’s pair of shoes. If you watch, they’ll eye your whole outfit, but if your shoes aren’t on point, that just messes it all up. So wear nice ones that are right for the occasion. Whether lace-ups or sneakers, just remember it could make or break your date. But no pressure. :) 
  2. Skip the suit and tie, unless your destination calls for one. The only thing worse than feeling underdressed, is feeling overdressed. Plus, you don’t want to come across as uptight. 
  3. Add a jacket. A jacket can take a drab outfit up a few notches. Whether it’s a jean jacket, blazer or even leather jacket- it’s a great way to spruce up your outfit for date night.
  4. Lighten up on the cologne. Of course you want to smell good. And we want you to smell good. But putting on those extra few spritzes of cologne can make it all go to the left. 

Remember, it’s the little things that count on a first date. While you’re sitting down talking, your date might use this time to glance at your nails, hair and general upkeep. We want a guy that shows he takes care of himself so it’s helpful to make sure all you’re image is on point. And of course double-check that your fly isn’t undone. :) 

These tips will help your first date outfit woes. Whether you’re going out for dinner and a movie, your favorite artists’ concert, just remember the basics and you’re guaranteed a win. 

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