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There is No Dress Rehearsal

Don't Forget Your Map, Your Knapsack, or Your Barrel of Monkeys.  Thanks Dora, make like the Explorer and consider this an adventure, for heaven's sake.  First, it's important to consider whose point of view you are looking at on the subject of dating, yours or his? Effective First Date Tips for Single Women not only need to address the types of issues facing single women in the dating scene, but also the way that men perceive women; as there's not much point discussing this from your vantage point, if you really want to know what he's thinking; is there?  If you've ever had a scary first date, you know what I mean.  First date safety tips are important to review.

Okay with that said, let's look at some safety basics first as this is the most important of first date tips for women that you should actually take notice of and stick to; no matter how drop dead gorgeous you think he is. Got that? Never, and I mean never ever agree to meet at a secluded spot for a first date. Always insist on meeting face to face in a public place like a café, where there are plenty of people about. This is a safe option for more reasons than one, as anyone can get through a coffee date easily enough.  If it's your first date after divorce, especially these gems might just help you on your way!

The next lot of first date tips for women comes under the banner of of practical Do's and Don'ts for first date success.

  • Don't be late
  • Don't be too needy
  • Don't be an ultra strong Amazon
  • Don't be a pushover
  • Don't ask too many personal questions
  • Don't be vague
  • Don't be shy
  • Don't discuss past lovers
  • Don't talk until the cows come
  • Don't be an adoring silent audience to a self-admirer
  • Don't dumb yourself down

Oh dear; that's a whole lot of don'ts without even a single do on the list of first date tips for women. So what are some of the things that you should do on a first date with your potential new lover or boyfriend? Well.

DO stop fantasizing for a start!

Single women on first dates should make sure to bring along a sense of humor and if the guy keeps you laughing in a whole-hearted laughter kind of way; that's a good sign.

Do be yourself on a first and any date for that matter, as whom else are you going to be? It's fair enough to make an effort in the looks department with a few special tricks of the female variety.

Wink, wink!  Nudge, nudge! But; for heaven's sake do leave both the virginal prima-Donna and the nymphomaniac sexually starved goddess at home. In other words; just be yourself!

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