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first-night-of-fallons-tonight-showThe American late-night classic premiered its new host.

Jimmy Fallon's first time hosting The Tonight Show was a historic step for late-night television. It was the first time the show has been in New York for over 40 years after Jay Leno stepped down from his studio in Burbank, Cal. The show last night had several memorable moments, kick starting the age of Fallon on the right foot.

Pennies, Skylines & Hip-Hop Throwbacks

"Isn't that what it's all about?"

These words were spoken by Jimmy Fallon after hoping that he leaves audience members with a smile and a bit of laughter at the end of each day, which is the recipe for a longer life. Fallon's debut on The Tonight Show was a huge success after starting with his first monologue script "Sochi Superlatives."

Familiar faces came out to support Fallon last night such as Kim Kardashian, Mike Tyson, Tina Fey and Seth Rogan, who each presented Fallon with $100 claiming they never believed he would make it. Even his announcer, Steve Higgins, poured $100 worth of pennies on Fallon's desk, lap and in his shirt, causing a roar of laughter throughout the audience.

Jimmy Fallon Instagram Show Announcement premier

The fun, however, was only beginning. Before his interviews, Fallon hit up the stage with Will Smith in blue overalls demonstrating hip-hop dance moves from over the years, with famous ones (and some made up) such as "The Cabbage Patch," "The Leg Thing No One Can Do," "The Fish Eye" and even "The Carlton." When they reached "The Twerk," it became too much for Smith who quickly exited the stage.

The show made a fast switch from the new studio to the top of the Rockefeller, where U2 performed their new song "Invisible" with the New York skyline serving as their backdrop. The show then traveled back down to the studio to hear about Will Smith's skydiving experiences in Dubai, his life as a parent and ending the night with another performance by U2 with their song "Ordinary Love."

Fallon started and ended the night blown away by the amount of support he received from co-workers, friends, and family, making his premier a monumental night.

History of The Tonight Show

Fallon's start as the new host follows Jay Leno who hosted since Johnny Carson's retirement in 1992, except for seven months in 2009-210 when Conan O'Brien was host. Fallon along with executive producer Lorne Michaels were set to make the show like Fallon's version of Late Night. Some similarities tonight included the use of Late Night's house band The Roots

A big move for The Tonight Show was leaving Leno's Los Angeles set up and returning back to Studio 6B in NBC's 30 Rock building where Carson as well as Jack Paar hosted. There was also a new title sequence which was directed by Spike Lee.

Other guests this week will include First Lady Michelle Obama, Jerry Seinfeld and Justin Timberlake.

Former Saturday Night Live "Weekend Update" anchor Seth Meyers will be taking over as the Late Night host. He premieres his role next Monday, February 24th, with SNL alum Fred Armisen as band leader.

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Photo Credit: Instagram

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