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Even Gold Fish Get Constipated

Sometimes it's normal but in extreme, supreme cases however, it could be a silent cry for help.  If a fishes' poop does not predictably break apart quickly, it may be a sign of a fishy problem.  It's true; and as many testimonials on the web assure us, you can save a constipated fish's life with frozen peas! Not too sure precisely what you are meant to do with the peas. The mind boggles! Fish pooping frozen peas? Sounds rather like a strangely familiar experience something about a watermelon?

Relax as the fish isn't going to have to expel any frozen peas! The idea is to feed them a shelled pea at least once a week. The remedy is for preventing constipation in fish as well as helping with swim bladder problems.  They say that fish all have poop trailing from them from time to time and that it's actually a rather common problem.

This symptom of stringy poop can have two different causes. Firstly, what color is the poop? If it's dark it could be that the fish is constipated. Some peas should soon help clear that up and the good news is that your fish will gobble them up quickly with some real vigor!

The Peeled Chopped Frozen Peas Remedy

Boil some frozen peas for about 4 1/2 minutes in the microwave and cool them off with cold tap water after which you remove the skins and cut them up so that the peas are about the same size as your fish food- do have fun with that! Feed them the peas for one or two days followed by no food on the next day. Also boil a zucchini enough to just soften it and put it in the tank for a snack to nibble at once a week. These veggies will add some fiber into their diet and hopefully will help clear the constipation.

However if the poop is white and stringy looking, it could well be an internal parasite that is causing the problem. An anti-Parasite food is your best option although because the flakes are rather large and hard, it may be best to soak them and cut them in half before you fed them to your fish.

What should fish poop look like? It's really difficult to get a straight answer on this one but apparently the Fish All Have Poop Trailing From Them look is definitely not the right type! But for the record did you know that most tropical beaches are made from a type of fish that eats coral and poops sand?

Like Dr Seuss stated: From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere...One fish, two fish Red fish blue fish. What about all of the fish that live in our oceans; just what does happen to all of that fish poop? Thank goodness only Fish Have Poop Trailing From Them. Could be cows to contend with! And BTW- do check out You-Tube for some silly candid videos like the case of 'the longest poo poo of all' and other Best Fish Stories!

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