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iStock 836199908 CroppedThe turkey, the stuffing, the cranberry sauce, and don't forget the pumpkin pie! While Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with family, it can be detrimental to everyone's waistline.

If you want to avoid the extra pounds and keep your family fat free, check out these 5 fitness traditions to integrate into your Thanksgiving. It won't be difficult to master these Thanksgiving diet tips after reading these. 

1. A Mid-Morning Hike

Going for a hike before the big family meal can help everyone burn some extra calories before chowing down. Pick a place that will work with everyone's fitness level so the experience is enjoyable for all. A hike can also create family memories that will last a lifetime. Make sure to bring a camera and be prepared to capture memorable moments.

2. Eliminate Appetizers

Eliminate snacking, extra food and appetizers before the big Thanksgiving meal. Not only will this keep the calorie count lower, it will ensure that everyone is hungry before you all chow down. Eliminating appetizers can also save you a little extra cash after spending a fortune on food.

3. Vegan Friendly Side Dishes

Not all side dishes need to be soaked in butter or fried in fat.. even if it tastes good. By including vegan friendly side dishes, nutritional needs are met and everyone can enjoy the food that is served. If some family members are skeptical, just remind them how important vegetables can be.

4. Enjoying Sugar-Free Desert

While Thanksgiving is generally everyone's day to indulge, including gluten-free desert might be a good choice for you waistline. Not only does sugar cause a rapid increase in blood glucose, it increases chances for obesity and dental decay.

5. Skip the Second Portion

Instead of piling on the second portion, try to make the most out of your first. Since it is Thanksgiving and some overindulgence is necessary, make your first portion larger than usual, but definitely avoid the second and advise your family to do the same.

Enjoy everything in moderation and always celebrate with the ones you love. By following these Thanksgiving diet tips and tricks, you'll be sure to save your waistline from those extra pounds! 

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