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fitness-trends-fitness-cue-workout-videoIn this video, national exercise expert Andrea Metcalf speaks with Michael Grech, creator of the Fitness Cue. 

The Fitness Cue was designed to effect mindful movements and help establish mind-muscle connection. The basis of the Fitness Cue is building core muscles and training the muscles to balance. The result is newly-awakened muscles that become toned as well as increased metabolism.


Muscles burn more calories so incorporating the Fitness Cue into your workout routine can assist in losing weight and becoming leaner.

Fitness Cue Demonstration

This Fitness Cue demonstration shows a woman holding the "cue" while balancing on one leg and holding poses similar to pilates moves. The wide part of the bar that needs to stay in the middle serves as the "cue." Grech explains that the bar works similar to what a tight rope walker uses to balance. The Fitness Cue also has movable, sliding panels on the bar so you can move your upper body while balancing, giving your brain a "workout" as you change poses.  You can do lunges and other balancing moves where muscles are isolated and forced to work.

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Photo Credit: FitnessCue.com

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