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fitness-trends-flat-abs-with-rck-360-videoNational fitness expert Andrea Metcalf interviews Tommy Saunders, creator of the RCK360. Want flat abs? Check this out!

We don't know of anybody out there who doesn't want six-pack abs. There are so many abdominal exercises out there but Tommy Saunders, former Detroit Lions football player, has come up with a revolutionary way to tone your abs and the rest of your core!


Described by Saunders as a new spin on the popular ab roller, the RCK 360 can be worked from different angles and there are 84 different exercise designs the exerciser can do based on fitness levels.

RCK 360 Smart Phone App

  • The RCK360 has a place where the exerciser can attach their smart phone and load the app, which guides them through complete core and even shoulder and lower back workouts. 

  • The RCK 360 comes with a chart mapping out the 84 exercise progressions, ranging from the beginner level, intermediate level and on up to the advanced level. Each design works the abdominals in a different way, and recruits shoulder and lower back muscles for added toning.

Watch Saunders demonstrate how the RCK 360 works. Would you try the RCK 360 ab workout? Let us know on Facebook or shoot us a Tweet!




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