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fitness-trends-suspension-training-hotNational fitness expert, Andrea Metcalf, chats with Robert Sherman of SPRI, discussing how suspension training can help you become more fit.

Tired of working out the same old way? Suspension training might be the answer to workout boredom. Not only is suspension training hot, but people are seeing excellent physical results.

Suspension training involves using your own body weight, which forces you to engage the core and wakes up those muscles that produce not only strength, but balance.


Benefits of Suspension Training

Chances are, once you use suspension training, you will quickly realize your body was really out of balance to begin with. This is usually due to muscle atrophy because you simply weren't using those muscles in everyday life. Suspension training enables you to move your body with more control, waking up those muscles that have been dormant, and toning those muscles as a fringe benefit. This type of training also allows some assistance for you, but at the same time, forces you to isolate those weak muscles and gain strength, balance, and increased muscle tone.

suspension-training-video-shotOnce strength and balance are mastered, increased difficulty can be achieved by modifying the exercise and using more resistance with added angles. The "icing on the cake" is that advanced motor skills and overall body control are achieved with suspension training.

Sherman demonstrates a lunge by placing his back leg through the handle and using his forward leg by going down into a lunge. As he demonstrates, the back leg must be stable in order to do the exercise properly, giving not only a leg workout, but core workout as well. Sherman stresses that most people aren't aware that they have muscle imbalances until they try suspension training.

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