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fitness-trends-the-boxmaster-videoNational fitness expert Andrea Metcalf interviews Rai Fazio, creator of the Boxmaster. If you like kickboxing or want to revamp your workout routine, you won't want to miss this!

Many of us who like to "blow off steam" attack the traditional boxing bags or hit a kickboxing class. The benefits of kickboxing are endless! Now, you have a new option to the hardcore workout: the Boxmaster!


At first glance, the Boxmaster looks a bit like a drum set turned on its side. However Fazio, a former amateur boxer and current personal trainer, explains it is anything but.

The Boxmaster came to fruition because Fazio wanted to create something legitimate that would challenge kickboxing or boxing enthusiasts. He designed this piece of equipment that challenges with realistic angles and numbers the boxer can follow as they work out. Fazio explains that the Boxmaster can accommodate everything you would do in boxing or kickboxing. Even famous boxers and UFC fighters have fallen in love with the product!

Now you have an additional option for releasing those intense emotions, from road rage to a fight with your significant other or just if you've had a bad day. Will you try the Boxmaster? Share with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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