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Girls are never too small to have big ideas. So when it comes to nurturing the creative spirit, it is never too soon to start. In honor of that spirit of saluting young girls whose imaginations run wild, Womensforum profiles five girls who have taken the small spark of an idea in their heads and turned it into a blaze of innovation.  

Meet the girls who are sure to rule the world some day.

17516-abi-smihtsonPhoto Credit: Made By Abi, Inc

Creation: Love Sandals

Age: 11

Inspiration: Abi Smithson didn't like what she called the "ugly tan lines" left on her mother's feet from her sandals. She thought a heart-shaped tan line would be much more fashionable, and so the Love Sandal was born.

The Story: Abi brought her big idea to her entrepreneurial parents, Alan and Julie. They had her write a business, marketing and sales plan, and once done, Abi started designing the sandals. Thanks to some adult assistance, Abi launched Made By Abi, Inc., which produces the Love Sandals and her "Abi" collection. 


Photo Credit: Zandra Beauty

Creation: Inspirational and nontoxic beauty line

Age: 15

Inspiration: Zandra's big idea started close to home... very close to home! She began making beauty products for herself, which lead to making products for sale at local farmers markets. The "teenpreneur" says she wants girls to find their own funky, fresh-faced style through her natural beauty products.

The Story: What began as a way to help other girls look good, feel good and even smell good, has become about more than just soft skin. Zandra recently rebranded her natural beauty line to reflect her view of the enterprise as a "fun, fresh, natural bath + body line for the educated + empowered girl on the move!" 


Photo Credit: Pixsea Handmade

Creation: Recycled Surfboard Jewelry

Age: 11

Inspiration: Kia'i noticed all of the leftover resin in her father's Hawaiian surfboard shop and had a bright idea. Already knitting hats and flowers for sale in her Pixsea Handmade Etsy store, she decided to add recycled rings to her fashion collection.

The Story:  Kia‘i selects the material from her dad's shop, he helps shape them and together they sand them down until, as her dad says, Kia‘i is satisfied. Her big idea has turned into a nice little business where Kia'i has learned how to ship her items to customers on time, how to find inspiration and how to balance it all with her schoolwork.


Photo Credit: Imagiroo

Creation: Spill-Proof Kangaroo Cup

Age:11 (at time of invention)

Inspiration: Lily's lightbulb moment came while watching her grandfather, who has Parkinson's disease, struggle to hold and drink from a glass. She designed a new type of glass with three legs attached.

The Story: Lily created an unbreakable, unspillable ceramic cup for her Papa and then later for her dad to help him avoid spills on his laptop. A year later with the help of her dad, Lily launched the Kangaroo Cup, which is now also stackable. Lily and her family sell the cups at Imagiroo.


Photo Credits: Troop 411-Suzanne Dodson, The White House, Roberta Rampton 

Creation: Page-Turning Robot

Age: Kindergarten and first grade

Inspiration: A talk with the school librarian about the physical difficulties people have reading books inspired Daisy Girl Scout Troop 411 to have what they call a "brainstorming session." The girls worked together to create a battery-powered motorized page turner for people who are paralyzed, arthritic or have other disabilities.

Story: The big-idea credit has to go to all five of the young girls, Emily Bergenroth, Alicia Cutter, Karissa Cheng, Addy Oneal,  and Emery Dodson. The girls, who are part of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma, took their prototype to the White House Science Fair, where the troop that calls themselves "supergirls" impressed President Barak Obama.  

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