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5 Things To Know Before Joining A Gym

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5-things-to-know-before-joining-a-gymJanuary, September and even May are the busiest times of year to join a gym.  

With new year's resolutions in mind, many people will be seeking a healthier lifestyle and looking to join a gym. Yet before head out with your gym bag, check out these tips to be prepared for your first gym experience. Think about what you'll really be looking for to be sure you'll meet your goals.

Try this quick checklist to find out what gym will best fit your needs:

Location. Location. Location! 

Believe it or not you are less likely to make it to a gym or facility that is further than six miles from your home or office. Think about parking, travel times during high rush hour, and at what times you'll be visiting the gym.  



Some people need to have a shower and others can run from the gym to home to clean up. The amenities offered at a gym location can greatly influence what you're willing to pay or if you'll even join. Many people love having a swimming pool in their gym and yet less than 20 percent of members at gyms with pools have ever touched the water. Think about shampoo, saunas, trainers, equipment, and even the staff help that you'll be needing.  

Got Class?

If you're the type of person that needs a group to get motivated or an appointment time to make it to the gym, understand what classes or group training sessions are included in your membership or which ones are extra. If you really only like taking classes, you could be better suited at a specialty studio and buying a block of class passes than going to a gym.

Culture Shock

Many gyms have personalities. They can be a great place to start a new relationship whether it's with a cardio piece of equipment or even a new guy! Different gyms click with different people so consider your own fitness personality when selecting a spot. For example, some may enjoy smaller, more quiet spaces whereas others may enjoy the intensity of many people working out and pulsing music. Understanding the culture and community is key to feeling comfortable and meeting your goals.


Although any investment you make in your health will pay off in the long run, you don't want to miss your car payment to make payments to the gym. Check out my blog on how to save money at the gym and shop around for best deals. Also check on monthly payments versus yearly commitments and understand how you can put your membership on hold if you have to change jobs or leave town for an extended period of time. 

You certainly don't have to join a gym to get in better shape but sometimes a place to go and be motivated is a great start to a healthier you!

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