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In honor of Earth Day, we have compiled five tips to go green at home.

Households are encouraged to recycle and buy produce at Farmer's Markets and local stores, so this list will take going green a step further. You’ll find a list of ideas to get rid of the toxins in your home that are bad for the atmosphere and for your family’s health, homemade natural remedies, and some family projects that will help you turn your home into a green one in no time.

Five Ways to Go Green in Your Home

  1. Composting. Compositing is a green alternative to throwing things away. Food scraps, yard and organic debris, and more all added to a bin without excessive water will eventually break down into a fantastic nutrient rich soil great for gardens and plants.
  2. Out with the Toxins. Many products in your home aside from cleaning products have harmful toxins and chemicals. Start checking labels and swap these bad for you goods for eco-friendly ones—probably made by the same name brands you already love. Products to be aware of: paint, hygiene products, kids toys & cleaning products.
  3. What To Avoid. When ridding your house of the toxins here are some of the ingredients you want to steer clear of: carcinogens like (1,4 Dioxane), Formaldehyde, phosphates (salts), chlorine, and VOCS (Volatile Organic Compunds).
  4. Remedies. Save time, money, and gas by taking advantage of what you have at home. One remedie includes an all purpose cleaner, which can be easily made by mixing 1/2 cup of white vinegar with 1/4 cup baking soda with 1/2 gallon of water. Also, lemons are natural disinfectants, so squeeze some on a sponge and pop it into microwave for 15 seconds to kill germs. 
  5. Support Green Labels. Thankfully, there are so many brands out there selling products made from sustainable and renewable resources or that are energy efficient. Buying from them is an easy way to go green. Check out brands like Full Circle Home, 360 Cookware, B. Toys, Seventh Generation, Edun, etc. And many of these are made from the parent companies who make your former favorite (non-green) supplies. For more all you have to do is a little research!

For more information and tips for going green in your home, please visit Poshmom.

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