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five-ways-to-relieve-stressFeeling Stressed? Try These Five Things to Destress!

Picture this: the kids are home sick, your mother-in-law is coming for dinner, and the dog just ran away. Or maybe your boss needs papers on his desk by the end of the day but you're on conference calls for the next three hours. There are days when stress is high and seems like you're pulling your hair out. But, that's life! We know stress can kill us and is a contributing factor to poor health. 

So next time your day goes awry and all hell is breaking loose, try these simple tips to calm your body and relieve the headache before it begins.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Stress Naturally

1. Walk Away

Walking for even ten minutes can energize the body, build lean muscle and change your mindset. Walking outside is best. Researchers at Wake Forest University in North Carolina found that walking outdoors provides added distractions to keep our attention focused off of ourselves. This allows us to walk more briskly and with greater enthusiasm and pleasure. So, reduce stress and take a walk!

2. Take a Breather

Focusing on your breath for even 60 seconds can allow your blood pressure to drop and release good hormones into your blood stream. Try counting your breaths (inhale and exhale equals one breath) for 60 seconds.  If the total number is higher than 7, continue to monitor your breath each minute until your total breaths for a minute are under 8. This de-stressing exercise is commonly practiced in yoga. So, try a yoga class as well!

3. Smell the Roses

Taking time to smell the flowers is a good way to lower stress, but if you don't have flowers, try smelling a mango, lemon or even lavender. Japanese scientists have found the first evidence of fragrance and their ability to reduce stress levels. Inhaling certain fragrances alter gene activity and blood chemistry in ways that can reduce stress levels.

4. Write It Down

Journaling, even a few minutes each day, can calm the mind and help you organize your goals. A diary can contain your secrets and thoughts, but don't forget to include a dose of gratitude as well. Writing daily for even fifteen minutes can have profound results. It doesn’t matter if your journal is hand written or electronic either, just get the words out and start writing.

5. Picture It

Meditation can be an effective way to deal with stress and visualizing yourself at a beach, walking in a forest, or just relaxing in a warm bubble bath can have the same effects on the body as actually doing it! The idea is to take your mind off the things that are causing you stress and focus it on things that may you feel happy and relaxed.

For more advice on how to reduce and relieve stress, visit www.andreametcalf.com 

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