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5 Ways to Save Money on a Gym Membership

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save-on-gym-membership-originalYou've decided to find a gym right away, but need to know how to save on memberships.  

You may have decided to set a New Year's resolution this year, but don't just talk about how excited you are to join the gym. Remember, although any investment involving your health is worth the money, you'll still want to be a savvy shopper when you look for a gym membership. While you shrink your waistline, your pocketbook can stay thick. Here are some ideas to save money on your gym membership.

5 Ways to Save Joining a Gym

  1. Buddy-up. Two is better than one when trying to meet goals. Don't forget to ask about partner or couple membership pricing to save money. You don't have to be married or living together but most likely you'll have to share an address or billing information.  
  2. Buy the Year.  Sometimes a longer commitment will end in big savings. Many gyms offer an annual membership at a lower rate than a monthly option. But understand any penalties if you can't keep the membership and ask for a better deal for a longer membership.
  3. Trial Times.  Many gyms and classes offer trial memberships that can help you understand if you like the gym enough to buy. You could probably try several places for free or a relatively low investment.
  4. Signing Bonus. Ask what else they can offer if you sign today. Ask about massages, smoothies, or even a free month. Many sales agents have quotas to fill and if you're near the end of the month, you might get a better deal.
  5. Shop Around. Know what the costs are of other area clubs and their amenities, so you have a better idea of what you can negotiate to be at the club you want. Also, check out the online reviews and ask what others are paying on social media. You might be surprised what is tweeted and repeated!

The best gym membership is a great deal the more times you go, so don't buy and sit home. Having a gym membership doesn't get you in shape. Going to the gym and working out does!

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