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Summer is around the corner and the pools in most cities open shortly. With a two-piece bathing suit hanging in your closet, you'll be working towards a flat belly to bare. But, most people know that hundreds of sit-ups or crunches will not result in that slick six-pack abdominals seen in ads.


You'll need a healthy diet, daily fitness and a good mindset to keep your regimen in tack.  Keep in mind that for a lifelong flat belly, you'll want to make these exercises part of a daily habit rather than a twice a week regimen.

Flat Belly Diet Tips

My suggestions for diet will include increasing your intake of vegetables and fruits to a healthy seven to 11 servings a day. Vegan obesity rates are nearly one-third of non-vegan mortals. Vegetables and fruits contain water, fiber and anti-inflammatory vitamins and minerals. If you have a craving, first opt for a fruit or veggie and then see if you're still hungry for that undesirable high-calorie food.  

In addition, include at least 80-100 grams of protein daily. A deck of cards is a good size relevance for protein sources in the 20-30 grams category. Whether it's meat, fish, chicken or beans, that amount should be consumed at least three times per day.

Flat Belly Diet Recap

  • 7-11 servings of fruits and vegetables each day
  • 80-100 grams of protein daily

Flat Belly Exercises

Exercise is an important part of a lean body result. Try these four great core moves before or after a thirty-minute cardio training of moderate intensity exercise.  

1. Plank Side Walks

From a plank position on hands and toes, take five steps moving your right hand and foot to the right, then return to the left.  Perform this side walking plank back and forth for a timed minute set. This move works the core, shoulders and triceps.


2. Half Plank Rotation

From a plank position on elbows and toes, rotate the body towards the sky and bring your hand up behind your head. Hold for five counts and return to center. Rotate to the other side and perform alternating plank moves for a one minute timed set. Add the top leg lifted for added challenge and to incorporate more of the oblique muscles. This move works the shoulders, core, and obliques.


3. Low Leg Bicycle

This is a more common ab exercise and deemed one of the "most effective" ab moves by the American Council on Exercise. Lie on your back alternating elbows towards the knees, performing 40 repetitions. The thing to remember on this is to keep the extended leg at a 45 degree angle as well as keep your lower back pressed into the floor. Think of pulling your belly button to your spine. This move targets the obliques and core.


4. Corner Reach Knee Lift

This move starts on your back with knees bent and lifted. Slightly rotate your body and lean on the elbow as you reach up to the knees with the opposite hand/elbow.  Roll back down to starting position and repeat 20 repetitions, then switch sides.  Using the elbow as a leverage is not cheating.  Allow the move to be slow and controlled as you perform it each time. Slow is better than a quick jerking motion.


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