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flowers-in-the-attic-show-headerV.C. Andrews’ ever-popular series of books are now being made into TV movies and reeling in viewers. 

The Flowers in the Attic series of books by V.C. Andrews came out in the late '70s, mid '80s. Five novels were published in the series. The first one, Flowers in the Attic became a movie released in 1987 starring Louise Fletcher as the grandmother, Victoria Tennant as the mother and Kristy Swanson as Cathy. Now, women’s TV network Lifetime has made adaptations of all the books, starring Heather Graham. Two have been released and totally reeled in viewers! These books and movies are full of thrills, sex, incest and controversy. Did you tune in to watch the TV movies? 

An Addicting New TV Movie Series 

When a father tragically dies in an accident, the mother cannot make ends meet on her own. So, she moves herself and her 4 children to her mother’s mansion in Virginia. Only she isn’t exactly welcome and neither are her children. In fact, they aren’t even supposed to be seen so they are locked away in an attic until their mother can win back her father’s love for a sin she committed years ago and get back into his will. But, the mother and grandmother become selfish and the children are locked away for years starving, in poor health and never allowed out. If you haven’t read the series, you should, because it’s addicting! And so are the movies. 

The series has been tainted with a lot of controversy because of the intense sexual incest scenes between the older brother and sister. While the 1987 movie sugarcoated most of it, the new TV movies do not. When Flowers in the Attic premiered in January, it had 6.1 million views and when the second in the series, Petals on the Wind, premiered earlier this week, it had 3.4 million viewers. The second movie was way more intense than the first one and much more graphic. It told the story of 10 years later after the children escaped from the attic. 

The two movies have received mixed reviews. Some say it is a silly rendition of the bestselling novels and others say they were gripping, addicting and steamy. We will be honest, the movies are pretty intense so viewer discretion is advised but if you loved the books, you’ll love the new movies. Lifetime has been playing encore episodes all week so check out your TV guide and catch it next time it airs. But, one thing is for sure, V.C. Andrews’ dark and twisted tale will always be popular. 

Lifetime has announced that they will be making movie renditions of the other books in the series by V.C. Andrews; If There Be Thorns and Seeds of Yesterday. Sources say that this series is mostly popular amongst teens and young adults. It’s the type of series that appalls us while at the same time fascinating us. 

Photo Credit: Lifetime / James Dittiger

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