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With the colder weather months behind us, the spring and summer holidays are going to be kicked off with family, friends, and delicious barbecues. Did you know that some foods and drinks that you will encounter might actually cause you to pack on the pounds without you even realizing it?! 


Here are the number one foods and drinks that you should avoid plus a few yummy options that you definitely should enjoy at your barbecues.


Mayonnaise: Don’t put spoonfuls onto your burger or take heaping piles of potato salad. Instead, try opting for less mayo on your burger and put more veggies on your plate instead of potato salad.

Pre-Made Margaritas: Pre-made margarita mixes are full of sugar, sour juice (fake), and artificial flavor and coloring. Instead, make fresh margaritas or opt for mojitos instead. 


Watermelons and Meat: Watermelon is full of water, which will keep you hydrated more than your average fruit, while meat is a great source of protein. Just be sure to stay away from fatty or really thick cuts of meat and have just half of a bun. Chicken and fish taste great grilled!

Water: Yes, this was a given. Water is so important for you, especially as the weather gets warmer. You need to drink more water if you want to stay healthy and hydrated. However, if you’re going for an alcoholic drink, choose a mojito with fresh lime juice OR mix your favorite liquor (one that is non-flavored) with 100% juice and water. 

The most important thing to do is pay attention to how you physically feel after eating certain foods. Do you feel tired and bloated after eating creamy potato salad or a big burger on a bun? You might have a dairy or wheat sensitivity that causes you to bloat.   

Make sure you’re viewing food as fuel instead of just something that tastes good. Value your body and your life enough so that you’re actually excited to put good, healthy, and pure foods and drinks into your body.

Stephanie Mansour from Step It Up with Steph helps women lose weight & feel confident in their skin! She's been seen on Dr. Oz and CNN. Join her FREE online Challenges that focus on her four pillars of health: physical, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual. Go to www.StepItUpwithSteph.com to sign up today!

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