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food-news-taste-is-not-in-your-mouthDoes yogurt tastes sweeter off a light-colored plastic spoon? A new study says yes!

We can all agree that our taste buds are in our mouth, but the taste of food and how we percevie flavors is not just bitter, sweet, salty and sweet as we once thought.

A new study released from Oxford University found that using a plastic spoon to eat yogurt over a silver or heavy spoon was preferred to enhance the taste. 



Results of the Study

In short, yogurt tasted better with a plastic utensil. They also found that yogurt tasted sweeter when eaten off a lighter color spoon than a darker one. Oddly enough, heavier plates, background music, lighting and other factors change our ability to taste as well.

The research is clear that presentation matters, and it's interesting how the mind perceives flavor over the true ingredients that make up the meal.  

Take away: Taste is in the eye of the beholder!

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