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food-swaps-for-the-heart-1Eating healthier is one of the major ways you can improve your heart health.

Food Swaps For A Healthier Heart Make your heart healthy and happy with these food swaps, where we show you simple ways to enjoy eating better. Below are plenty of simple and great options for you to make healthier food choices!

  • Atop the Salad - Instead of topping your lunch salad with croutons and ranch, try a sprinkle of walnuts and almonds! Carbohydrates can cause high levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) – basically, bad cholesterol. Walnuts are high in polyunsaturated fat (a good fat) that can boost HDL- a.k.a., good cholesterol, so it’s a great food swap!
  • Hold the Mayo - When you order a sandwich, switch the mayo for vinegar and/or olive oil. You’ll cut calories, bad fats, and you’ll add new flavors along the way too!
  • Wine is Just Fine - You can still enjoy a drink at dinner if you’re working towards building a healthier heart – just don’t overdo how many glasses you order! Choosing wine over a syrupy, sugary cocktail is your best option, as it has fewer calories and plenty of antioxidants. Studies show its best to keep to less than two adult beverages each day.
  • Keen for Quinoa - The trending South American seed has become quite a popular stand-in for rice. One cup of cooked quinoa alone has 15 percent fewer carbs and 60 percent more protein than brown rice! Switch it up!
    • Gobble it Up - Red meat is a source of saturated fat and dietary cholesterol, which can raise blood cholesterol. Opt for lean meat like turkey or chicken for your next sandwich or salad.
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