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Food for Thought

by Sally Bernstein (a WomensForum Food Blogger and Network Partner)

Sally Bernstein is the Editor of the acclaimed internet watering hole for women known as Sally’s Place as well as the Co-Host of Sally’s Place Internet Radio Network. Sally's blog on WomensForum is a place where fellow foodies can join Sally on her passionate journey through the world of food and wine.

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Pear Cornmeal Cake with Vanilla Syrup

There are over 3,000 varieties of pears grown worldwide. Most of the pears in the U.S. grow in the Northwest, principally Oregon and Washington. The United States is the third largest pear producing country in the world. The 7 favorite U.S. varieties are: Bosc, Red Anjou, Red Bartlett, Green Anjou, Bartlett and Comice. 

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Pumpkin French Toast Recipe

Fall means pumpkin time!

Throughout the season, I'll see people enjoying all kinds of pumpkin treats, from lattes and pies to egg nog and even coffee creamers! I could go on and on. One of my favorites is Pumpkin French Toast, which is a great way to start the day. Enjoy and pass it on to your friends!

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6 Spices To Have Ready For Fall Cooking

Prepare your spice cabinet this fall by stocking up on the staples for your favorite seasonal recipes!

Whether you're making a pumpkin pie, stir fry or stew, these spices will serve you well this season. Embrace the flavors of the fall by using these six spices in your cooking this season.  

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Vegetarian Winter Salad Recipe

Don't think that summer is the only season for salads.

This vegetarian winter salad is perfect for a weeknight meal! As the weather gets colder, it's harder to find healthy foods to create fresh salads and other meals. Instead of settling, get inventive with your veggies this winter!

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Do You Know Your Winter Squash?

A sure sign of fall and winter is the arrival of winter squash in our grocery stores.

They bring memories of squash soup, butternut squash lasagna, roasted squash and bountiful harvests at Thanksgiving. Winter squash, while very versatile, are from the same family as summer squash. They are picked later, when their skins have hardened to a tough rind. Most of the crop in the Northern Hemisphere is harvested in September or October.

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The First Recipe I Baked As A Child

What's the first dessert you remember baking as a child? 

Was it cake from a mix, chocolate chip cookies or blueberry muffins? My first attempt at baking was a cookie I made with a friend in her kitchen. An adult oversaw us and because the cookies were so good, we continued to make them for years. Here are a few pointers to be aware of, especially if you are the one in charge.

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Easy-to-Make Healthy School Lunches

With the start of August comes plenty of back to school planning.

If you've got a little one who has food allergies, is a picky eater, or you just want to have healthy options for your child - check these ideas out! The start of a new school year is prime time to kickstart your child's healthy eating routine. From snacks to full lunches, the following suggestions are particularly good for younger children, as they need a good balance of foods in their diet.

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Try These Seasonal Summer Salads

Summer is a great time to try new salads.

When you want to stay out of a hot kitchen, spend family time grilling outdoors, or just lull the day away reading a good book, try these new salads! A bunch of greens can be very versatile, giving one room to add anything from fruit, more veggies, grains, meats or seafood. Serve these 

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Easy Baked Kale Chips

Kale, one of the new darlings of our health-obsessed world, is actually quite good for us.

Kale is a member of the cruciferous vegetable family, which also includes Brussels sprouts, broccoli, collard greens and cauliflower. Kale is very high in vitamin K, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and is rich in calcium. It is known to help fight cancer and lower cholesterol. Other than it's nutritional benefits, kale can be molded into a simple, delicious snack!

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Fun Summer Food On A Stick

Summer is upon us and it’s time to think about grilling and outdoor parties.

What can be more fun (and easy) than preparing food on a stick? There are many choices so I'm offering some options for breakfast, a main course and dessert. To be honest, part of the fun is eating the food with your hands - no need for a lot of fancy table settings! Whether you call the sticks skewers, kabobs, satays, popsicles or cake pops, they are all the same - a holder for your food

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Vacation Food Favorites: From Paris to San Francisco

It is that time of the year when people are taking vacations.

It has me reminiscing about my favorite meals I've had away from home. Vacations are so much about food - the new cuisines, tastes, spots, all of it. It took me a long time to get down my list of favorites. I decided to start it off with a dinner I had many years ago in Paris, France ( the restaurant is still open), to a recent meal I enjoyed in San Francisco, California.

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What Is A Mangosteen? Try This Recipe To Find Out

If you happen upon this fruit, be sure and taste it.

Called the “Queen of Fruits,” a mangosteen is juicy, tangy and sweet. The rind is purple in color when ripe while the inside is white. The taste has been described as a combination of tart lychee, pineapple and rose. A mangosteen is a fruit from Southeast Asia (Thailand), South America, India or Puerto Rico that you might see in upscale U.S. produce markets or in Asian markets. 

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A Meal the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Have some family fun while enjoying KFC chicken.

KFC has a new Family Game Night meal that’ll bring everyone together to enjoy tasty food and make long lasting memories. To ensure the whole family has a great time, pick up a KFC meal with 12 Extra Crispy Tenders and four dipping sauces, two large homestyle sides, four biscuits and a free game of I Spy printed right on the bucket with riddle cards and bonus posters. The family will love playing together, who knew sitting at the dinner table could be so much fun?

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Mother's Day Recipe: Shrimp, Cauliflower And Broccoli Stir-Fry

If you are cooking for Mother’s Day this year and have never prepared Chinese food, here is a simple recipe for beginners.

Even if you are an advanced cook, you’ll appreciate how good this recipe is without spending a lot of time preparing it. My friend Dorothy Huang is the author of Chinese Cuisine, Made Simple.

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Sally’s Top 10 Favorite Dishes

I'm sharing my Top 10 favorite dishes with you, hoping this will spur you on to try some new foods.

Anyone who cooks is always looking for new recipe ideas. I’ve been cooking for many years. It all started when my mother would not let me in the kitchen as a child to cook. I’m sure she was afraid I’d make a mess.

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Mother's Day Recipe: Mussels With Garlic And White Wine

Surprise mom with a new delicious dish on Mother’s Day.

When I attended La Varenne Cooking School in Paris many years ago I was taught how to make Mussels a la Marinière. This can be a perfect Mother’s Day light meal. It is versatile and can be an appetizer or main course.

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Kohlrabi Recipe: A Dieter’s Dream

Last year, brussels sprouts were added to many restaurant menus in the U.S.

So many menus in fact, that people are now tired of this green. Time for a new vegetable to be the star of the show! Kohlrabi, is it? Kohlrabi (kol-ROB-ee) is a vegetable that is high in fiber, low in carbohydrates and calories and has antioxidants that help fight cancer. In other words, this vegetable is a dieter's dream.

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Deviled Eggs Easter Recipe

Looking for an easy Easter appetizer recipe? Deviled eggs are not only easy to make but also a popular comfort food.

It's time to start thinking of decorating eggs, chocolate bunnies, brunches, egg hunts, church services, and spring festivals, because Easter Sunday is coming soon! Instead of serving the usual sweets and treats this Easter, switch it up with this Deviled Eggs recipe!

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Healthy Greens For St. Patrick’s Day

Green can mean many things to many people. Read on to seek out healthy food options.

Green is definitely the color of St. Patrick’s Day on March 17. And while some of us will be drinking green beer, wearing green clothing, ribbons or shamrocks, eating green food and marching in public parades displaying the color green, others of us will reflect on what green has come to mean when it comes to eating healthy food.  From split pea soup to kale, the food darling of 2013, we are consumed with eating and drinking healthy foods.

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Valentine’s Day Recipe: Chocolate Mousse

Valentine’s Day is the one special day of the year when we go out of our way to cook for the ones we love.

If you and your sweetheart are chocolate lovers, I offer the following classic French recipe originally titled “Mousse au Chocolat.” It is chocolate mousse that can be made in a 1-quart soufflé dish or eight individual heart-shaped soufflé dishes.

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