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Avoid these foods if you're trying to get over a bad cold or dealing with allergies.

No matter how well medicine can clear up your head and nasal passages, you can’t help but avoid mucus build up that comes with a head cold and allergies. Despite popular belief, mucus can increase by simple dietary choices. During times of sickness, avoid the mucus buildup by staying away from these particular foods.

Foods To Avoid

During your next head-cold or allergy-attack, keep these foods out of your range during recovery.

  • Ice Cream/Yogurt: Any cold dairy product can thicken mucus, especially for anyone suffering from a head cold. Ice cream is always perfect for soothing an irritated sore throat but for head colds they should be avoided.
  • Gluten: Pasta and bread can be guilty pleasures but not the best for allergies and colds. If you’re trying to get rid of mucus, avoid having a meal loaded with carbs for dinner.
  • Soy: Along with gluten, soy products can also create mucus buildup. So stay away from the tofu! By eliminating common food allergens, your nasal mucus will decrease and opens you up for a faster recovery.
  • Caffeinated Drinks: Avoid that morning coffee for the time being because caffeinated drinks are slowing down your recovery process! Soft drinks, tea and coffee dehydrate one’s body which can lead to thicker mucus. Stay away from any desserts with instant coffee as well because they dehydrate just the same.

Instead of turning to these foods when dealing with allergies or head colds, find some healthier substitutions to avoid mucus. Some better options can include water, fruits, and maybe even some of your favorite candies!

What other foods do you stay away from to avoid mucus production? Share with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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