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What Foods Should I Avoid If I Have Acid reflux?

Avoiding foods that aggravate and increase the production of digestive enzymes, which is a common cause for heartburn, will reduce the onset of acid reflux.  Acid reflux is a symptom of sever heartburn trigged by foods high in acids like orange juice, fats from beef and dairy products.  For this reason reviewing this list of common foods to avoid if you have acid reflux would be advantageous.

Acid Reflux Unchecked Can Be Serious

Most people who have heartburn suffer from mild to sever flare ups of acid reflux.  Level of severity can depend on how severe your acid overproduction is or on what foods triggered the flare up.  The cause of heartburn is the over production of digestive enzymes when mix with foods known to irritate the condition. Common heartburn symptoms include acid reflux, upper abdominal cramping and mild or severe burning in the stomach and chest.   Paying close attention to foods to avoid if you have acid reflux is one way to keep those flare ups down.  Review the food groups and common foods to avoid when you have acid reflux.

  • Acidic Foods - Acidic foods are foods cause the increase the normal production of digestive enzymes. This increased production of digestive enzymes couple with high contents of acidic foods causes acid reflux. And the more acid in the food the more severe the reflux. Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit, lemon, cranberries and juices or beverages made with these fruits should be avoided when you have acid reflux. Tomatoes and tomato juices should also be avoided as well as vinegar or foods cooked with wine. Spaghetti sauce is a potential culprit.
  • Fatty Meats - Meats high in fat should be avoided if you're suffering from acid reflux. This is because the stomach has to increase enzyme production to break down the fatty content. Ground or chucked beef, Steaks, chicken nuggets and hot wings should be avoided to keep acid reflux flare ups in check.
  • Raw Vegetables and Grains - Certain vegetables raw or cooked can aggravate heartburn symptoms and trigger acid reflux. For some, even mashed potatoes, French fries or raw onions can cause a serious case of acid reflux. Certain grains are just as bad for acid reflux.  For some folks even something as harmless sounding as macaroni with cheese will be problematic because of the diary content.
  • Dairy Products - All products containing lactose should be avoided. Lactose which is the sugar content in milk products increases the production digestive enzymes causing acid reflux, especially sour cream, cottage cheese, ice cream and milk shakes. Switching to lactose free diary products should reduce acid reflux flare ups considerably.
  • Beverages - Alcohol, coffee and tea decaffeinated or caffeinated of any kind should be avoided, if you suffer from acid reflux.
  • Miscellaneous foods - This food group is probably the hardest food group to avoid when you have acid reflux, because it a food group everyone enjoys. Sweets and desserts antagonize heartburn trigger episodes of acid reflux. Sorry chocolate lovers, chocolate is acidic and should be avoided if you have acid reflux. Other desserts to stay away from include butter cookies, any type of chocolate or fudge, corn or potato chips (plain). And for spicy food lovers staying away from Buffalo wings, hot sauce, jalapeño's or any peppers for that matter and paprika would be wise if you have acid reflux.

The good news about mild and moderate cases of acid reflux is they can be controled with over the counter antacids.  But if acid reflux symptoms persist or get worse, prescription medicine and a dietary adjustment may be necessary.  Referring to this list of foods to avoid if you have acid reflux can get you on the right track. Talk to your primary care physician about developing a specific diet for your individual acid reflux needs.

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