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ford-recalls-thousands-of-escapesFord Recalls the 2013 Escape to Protect Consumers.

Auto recalls aren’t something to be afraid of. In fact, they come from good intentions of the manufacturers to keep their customers safe. Several Ford recalls have occurred over the past few years due to safety issues and the manufacturers wanting to protect their customers. Now, a new Ford recall is adding to the Ford recall list.

Ford is recalling 8,266 redesigned 2013 Escape SUVS because of a problem they found with the carpet padding and braking. The car recall also affects about 2,000 SUVs in Canada and about two hundred in Mexico, resulting in a recall of over 10,000 Ford trucks.

Ford Carpet Recall Information

This vehicle recall is the result of a carpet padding problem. Ford found that the carpet padding is wrongly designed and could therefore get in the way of the space around the pedals. The danger that led to the Ford truck recall is that the driver could accidentally hit the side of the brake pedal when switching to the accelerator, which could be a risk in any situation.

The Ford recall is expected to begin on July 23. Ford said that they will install a safer, console trim panel in place of the carpet padding, all for free. The bright side is that Ford found this problem through “internal evaluations” and not through accident reports. Thus far, they have received no accident or injury reports as a result of the design mistake.

Past Ford Recalls

Though this Ford recall might seem staggering with numbers in the thousands, Ford has had much bigger recalls. In fact, Ford’s two biggest recalls hold the top spot as far as the biggest vehicle recalls ever go. What many may not realize is that the Ford recalls shows their commitment in protecting their consumers.

  • 1998: Ford recalled about 7.9 millions of its cars as a result of consumer complaints that pointed out a defective ignition system. The widespread Ford recall affected the 1988-1993 Ford Escort, Temp, Thunderbird, Mustang and F-series, among several others.
  • Ford’s biggest recall ever: The biggest auto recall ever was announced in 2008. It started out as a recall of 9.6 million vehicles. Faulty cruise control switches caused an electrical fire hazard. The Ford recall included several Ford models that were sold in between 1993 and 2004. The already huge recall was expanded by 4.5 more vehicles in October 2009. This brought the recall up to 14.1 million vehicles.
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