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ptr-forgetthejoneses-125sqForget the Joneses, at first glance, introduces very interesting discussions about some extreme lifestyle aspects that have grown into our modern culture and how it may be cluttering, constricting and consuming too much of our time, energy and money--and keeping us from attaining our true values, goals and dreams. The most valuable parts of ForgetTheJoneses, however, are the common sense tips that can make everyday family life a lot clearer and in turn, happier. Take for example the article about clearing clutter and how this can emotionally be cleansing as well. Or the section on goal setting, and how simply focusing, for a few moments on this, can bring you much closer to what will make you a much happier family. Visit Website

Also worth mentioning is some great advice on budgeting and a gold mine of information on how to save money and cut costs so that you can have more cash and energy to spend on truly important things, or to pay off debt and in turn get an emotional vampire off your back. What really puts this site over the edge, however, is the inspirational and motivational articles you can find when browsing a little deeper into the site. There seems to be a very honest, wise and original tone to these articles, never coming off as being trite or hippyish. Forget the Joneses proves that practical and inspirational can be a very happy combination.

Womensforum Partner: ForgettheJoneses joined as a valued partner in the womensforum network in 7/2005.

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