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Home Culture & Arts Fortune Magazine Names Taylor Swift The World's Greatest Female Leader

Fortune Magazine Names Taylor Swift The World's Greatest Female Leader

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Photo Credit: Splash

When the greatest female leaders in the world come to mind, one might list women like Malala Yousafzai, Michele Obama, or Hillary Clinton.

But Fortune Magazine has a different public figure in mind for the top spot. The business publication has named pop-mogul Taylor Swift the world’s greatest female leader, citing her record-breaking hit songs, penchant for creating a lasting brand with mass appeal, and spot-on business sense in taking on music giant Spotify.

"With 1989, the top-selling album in 2014, Swift’s efforts to ensure she gets paid for her music could have a huge ripple effect on the way artists are compensated in an era of free streaming," Fortune reported.

spl970933 007Photo Credit: Splash

The 25-year-old singer is sixth on the list, following close behind some pretty big names in the world of politics and business. According to Fortune, the five greatest leaders in the world are Apple CEO Tim Cook, the president of the European Central Bank, the president of China, Pope Francis and the prime minister of India. To read the full list, check out Fortune Magazine.

What do you think of Fortune Magazine's choice of Swift, who they dubbed the "Anti Miley Cyrus"? Do you think the singer's almost unprecedented success in the music industry warrants the top spot?

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