Foundation Liquid vs. WhippedPick the best form of foundation for the most flawless makeup application! 

Are you looking for the best form of makeup foundation? There are so many choices; you may not know which to choose for the most flawless makeup application. Do you like liquid foundation or whipped foundation? Which is better for your skin and which looks more natural? Liquid foundation is the classic form of makeup that women use but whipped or mousse-like foundation is the newest craze. Let’s find out which is the best for you so you can look absolutely fabulous!


iStock 000009985916SmallLiquid Foundation

You’re standing in the makeup aisle and you see oil-free, waterproof or 24 hour lasting foundation. Too many choices! Liquid foundation is just as it sounds; it’s a liquid based makeup. Liquid foundation is great because there are so many choices so you can cater to your needs. 

Liquid foundation gives you full coverage but applied incorrectly, can looked a little “caked on.” Less is more! But, this form of makeup is great for dry skin. We recommend applying liquid foundation with a makeup sponge to really get full coverage. Make sure to blend in and apply a little powdered foundation to eliminate any shine.

Whipped Foundation  

Whipped or mousse-like foundation is the newest craze. We love it because it feels so light and airy! This is perfect if you want minimal coverage or are wanting to use it under powdered foundation. You’ll get a matte finish with whipped foundations. Sometimes liquid can be a bit shiny. 

Whipped foundation just melts into your skin. You can also buy whipped blush if you want to add a little color to your skin. You can either use a makeup sponge to apply or use a makeup brush. Blend each area of your skin and then apply a little liquid foundation on your problem areas. 

You don’t have to choose one or the other. You can have the best of both worlds! Use whipped foundation for a lighter feel and a little liquid foundation for any skin imperfections. Or use liquid foundation for a heavier coverage and whipped blush for a little hint of pink. Which foundation is your go-to makeup choice?


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