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It’s always amazing to see how one simple good act can lead to another.  Here's the good news for you - that good thing is actually good for you healthwise. Womensforum has put together three easy "good deeds" that help you while you are helping others!

walgreens 3SIGN UP FOR A 5K WALK We know it may sound cooler to tell everyone you are doing a marathon, but let's be real. How likely is it you will actually do a marathon. A 5K is easy enough for even the biggest couch potatoes, This also helps you do something that is really one of the top things to successful health plans - set goals. Signing-up and completing an activity like a 5K run or walk not only helps you set that goal, but if you pick one that donates the profits from the race to charity then you are doing a good deed with every step. Sign up, raise money and get healthier at the same time!

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BUY LOCAL Buying local makes sense. Not only do you get a nice walk through your community, but if you head to the farmers market and purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, you will support local businesses in your community. Purchasing more fruits and vegetables helps support nutrient dense healthy eating for you, so it is a win-win. You’ll feel good that you’re helping small businesses succeed and your body will love all of that fresh produce!

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DONATE YOUR TIME  There are many organizations that need more than just money, they need you!  From helping plant flowers to taking your elderly neighbor for a walk, these  are simple things you can do to make a difference. The bonus? They get you up and out and moving! One benefit to being around people is it actually makes you feel good and that is good for your health. People who are around people live longer. You’ll be feeding your spirit by helping someone else. Look for community centers, assisted-living homes and even animal shelters to sign up for a weekly or monthly shift. If that is too much time find a work-intense project like building a house or a community garden.

It’s easy to make your world a better place. If you live with purpose, you’ll live happier and healthier. Make a difference today for a better tomorrow!

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