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free-coffee-on-mondays-from-mcdonalds-and-dunkin-donutsEveryone catches a case of the Mondays once in a while. Whether you had a wild weekend or just didn’t get enough sleep, Mondays just aren’t possible without a morning coffee run. The struggle is real.

And McDonald’s and Dunkin' Donuts understand the struggle. That’s why they’re offering free iced coffee on Mondays!

McDonald’s and Dunkin' Donuts have each announced that they will be giving away free iced coffee every Monday in select cities. While most locations are giving free caffeine pick-me-ups for a limited time, others are promoting free iced coffee Mondays for the whole year.

McDonald’s has kicked off its year-long Monday morning coffee giveaway in several states across the country, including Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, and Texas. Other regions, such as central Indiana, will only be able to enjoy free coffee through June 1st.

Here are all of the McDonald’s locations participating in year-long free coffee Mondays:

  • Washington, D.C.
  • Johnstown-Altoona, PA
  • Norfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News, VA
  • Indianapolis/Lafayette, IN
  • South Bend/Ft. Wayne, IN
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Austin, TX

If you’re bummed about not getting free coffee in your town, there’s a logical, economically sound explanation.

"The markets determine what is best for their customers and customize their offers accordingly," said a McDonald’s spokesperson. It seems that the fast food chain has chosen to limit free coffee Mondays to locations that need to improve their business.

Similarly, Dunkin' Donuts is concentrating their free coffee efforts in less-prosperous Midwestern locations like Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska. DD’s free coffee Mondays will only last until January 19th.

If your city was lucky enough to be targeted by McDonald’s and Dunkin' Donuts, enjoy your free coffee while it lasts!

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