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Free Halloween Sounds

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free-halloween-soundsMaking A Halloween Sounds CD

Walking along a lonely road on a chill, autumn night your senses are accosted by the smell of dank leaves, the sight of black, skeletal trees and the sound of nature's nightly mayhem. The sounds are of a screech owl tearing the night as if a frightened woman was issuing a final shriek, branches ripping at one another to block your way, the ghostly swish of the wind as it moves stealthily through dry bushes and the distant cackling, yipping barks of ranging coyotes.

Enhancing A Party With Scary Halloween Sounds

It is easy to see how these aural irregularities coupled with a dark, eerily moonlit night could rouse in the superstitious visions of cult rituals entailing human sacrifice and fog enshrouded hags stirring a glowing, black-cauldron brew. Of course this is also the atmosphere that any good Halloween celebration covets; some of what you can expect from and free Halloween sounds midi.

The actual sounds of a Halloween night are probably too normal to "fit" on a CD in which a person would look for the traditionally scary Halloween sounds. However, there are some sounds that are needed to make a Halloween scene complete. If you have a graveyard out front for the neighbor kids to see as they walk up to the door, it is enhanced by the occasional werewolf howl, or cackling witch. The good thing is that there are many free Halloween sounds sites on the web that will give you the chill you want without the cost.

Halloween has become one of the most popular holidays on many people's calendars because it allows one to express their inner child in a socially acceptable way. With the difficult economy, people still want to have all the best elements of the holiday, like a scary Halloween sounds recording, but without adding the expense to their decorations. Candy and other decorations can run up the cost of a celebration so adding some eerie Halloween music shouldn't add to it.

Another good idea is to search the web for some of the classic Halloween songs like "Monster Mash." Most of the songs are public domain so they are available to the public. Unfortunately, unlike Christmas, with its plethora of entertainment options, there are few that can be had. However, "Purple People Eater," "Monster Mash" and other classics of the genre are still available to liven up a Halloween celebration.

The real trick to having authentic, scary Halloween sounds is to remember that less is more. These sounds do not have to be big and brash to enhance a Halloween celebration. The sound of some footsteps following you down a dark corridor to the bathroom can be very unsettling. How about putting some speakers behind a plant in the bathroom, and then playing a tape of heavy breathing? These may not be typical sounds for the holiday, but as creepy Halloween sounds they are the best.

Be creative with the Halloween music and eerie Halloween sounds and you can punch up any party. Just remember that children are sometimes spooked by the suggestions of monsters at Halloween, it may not be a good idea to frighten them too much, or you may be cleaning up some messes that are truly frightening.

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