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free-online-romance-novels-2Women remain ever loyal to an old pop genre and do so with a modern twist. 

Romance books are the great escape for many women. In fact about 175 new romance titles are published each month - that is a lot of escaping! Romance books are a natural part of many women's lives and they have grown so much that they can no longer just be called Harlequin books. The format of the books has also grown greatly. They can now be found in hardcover, traditional paperback, audio book, e-book, and even as free online romance novels.

Free Online Romance Novels Feed Universal Appetite

The Romance Writers of America (RWA) reports that a total of 8,090 new romance titles were released in one year. This made romance the largest fiction category of the year. A large part of this growth comes from all the new sub genres under romance. There are now twelve sub genres under the romance category. These sub genres are paranormal, historical, sci-fi/fantasy, romantic suspense, thriller, urban fantasy elements, erotic, contemporary series, contemporary single title, inspirational, regency romance, and young adult. There are now many types of romantic novels for women to read.

To keep up sales when the economy is down, authors and publishers look for new ways to get readers. Paperback romance novels are fairly cheap if you only buy one a month but the RWA estimates that many women buy at least 20 books a year. Even at 7 or 8 dollars a book, they can really add up when you are short on money. With technology growth, authors and publishers are turning to e-books which are often cheaper for readers to buy and sometimes are even free.

E-Book Romance Novels

The newest book format to take off is online romance novels or e-books. The nice thing about e-books is that they can be downloaded to a PalmPilot or Blackberry. This allows women to read while they are traveling the subway to work or while they are waiting for an appointment. For people who prefer to read on their computers and laptops, there is the Sony eReader program, Amazon's Kindle, and Adobe. E-books have become so popular that there is even a digital warehouse, LibreDigtial, to handle books from many different publishers.

Free Online Romance Novels

To further increase sales authors and publishers have also entered into the market of free online romance novels. This allows readers to get introduced (and hopefully hooked) to a new author or a new book series. One website that offers free e-books is All Romance eBooks. They have over 100 free online romance novelsfrom a variety of genres so that women can check out books in romance sub genres that they may not be familiar with. Publishers have also jumped on the free e-book bandwagon. Harlequin has a division called eHarlequin that offers free e-book opportunities to its members. Authors frequently take advantage of free e-books. Many offer free short stories on their websites or free chapters from their new books. Free online e-books are another simply another method of marketing for authors and publishers.

Free online romance novels are not a myth, they are a reality. Authors use them to thank loyal readers and gain new readers. Publishers use them to develop more readers for their authors. There are even websites that compile free e-books from a variety of genres for people to read. If you are looking to explore a new sub genre of romance or you want to find a new author, then a free e-book is the perfect way to go. Free e-books are also a great way to keep reading new books when you are short on cash.

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